About Us

K & E Property Management LTD. is a real estate brokerage and Property Management Company known for its unparalleled quality of service and wealth of experience. We have been doing business for more than 20 years, helping our investors achieve their goals with passive real estate investments. We are the experts so you don’t have to be. Request a free quote

About Our Team

Our professionals have deep educational and training background in many aspects of real estate and property management. We have a combined experience of more than 70 years, where we have worked with a diverse range of homeowners and landlords with different concerns. The experiences and knowledge we have acquired has helped us improve our skills to provide exceptional services to our clients. Request a free quote


How We Can Help

K&E Property Management is built around providing customized real estate solutions that are effective and suitable to our customers needs. We will help you handle your property, from marketing it to the right tenants at the right price, maintaining and building the property’s value, and increasing our customer’s return on investment. Request a free quote

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